Varjobaari, Tampere

Rocka Rolla

Atmospheric (5/6) (8.1/10)

Inferno (4/5)

Eternal Terror (5,5/6)

Metal Temple (9/10)

Sea Of Tranquility (3,5/5)

Earshot (5,5/7)

The Independent Voice (3/5)

Soundscape Magazine (9/10)

KaaosZine (9/10)

Apoch's Metal Review (9/10)

Chromium Sun (8/10)

A Different Shade Of Black
Metal Zine (8/10)

Gourmet Roadkill Zine

Wings Of Death

Made In Metal

Heavy Metal Time Machine

Zware Metalen

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Thank you people! 16.10.2014
Thank you everyone, who came to watch us live last week on our mini-tour. We had a great time on every single stage,
we hope you guys had too! We also want to thank you people for all your support: 1000 THOUSAND LIKES IN FACEBOOK!
Let's keep our numbers growing!

In honour of this great day, we're going to sell Creinium logo T-shirts and girlies at a discount price of ONE THOUSAND CENTS That's 10,00 EUR (shipping not included) - for a week! Only for a week, so get yours NOW!

Here's some live material from last week:

Here it is, folks! 11.09.2014
The silence will be shattered in October as we will embark on a three day long assault with a fresh lineup. We will perform on the Dungeon Escape Tour, taking place in Tampere, Helsinki and Turku on three consecutive days, October 9 through 11. Be ready to attend one (or more) of the gigs, because we are more ready than ever!

Vastavirta-klubi, Tampere
w/ Saattoväki, Immergo
On The Rocks, Helsinki
w/ Immergo, Saattoväki
Street Bar 95, Turku
w/ Immergo, Saattoväki

Finally! 04.09.2014
Meet our new vocalist, Eeli Helin, and temporary bassist, Matias Holma.

This lineup will dominate the stages soon - wait for the dates!

Long time no update! 27.08.2014
It's been quite some time since we've shared any activity with you guys. That said, have no fears; we've finally woken up from our summer-long beauty sleep.

We've gone through big events during our silence. Tone's staying in Bangkok until December as an exchange student. We're still determined to gig later this year, so Miiro has taken up the guitar and we've added Matias Holma on the bass. We can't wait to get this temporary lineup heated up on stage!

More importantly we have also found a new vocalist whose identity will be revealed soon! We are also going to hit the studio next week with him - after which our upcoming release is ready for the mixing desk! We're going to completely redo two songs from our demo Modern World Tyranny; songs that still represent our output to this day but whose production we feel was not quite up to par. Can you guess which ones?

In short, keep a close eye on us for the following weeks!

Modern World Tyranny SOLD OUT! 05.06.2014
Our first demo Modern World Tyranny is now officially SOLD OUT!
...unless we can find the few copies we seem to have misplaced...

Anyway, thanks to all of you who bought the demo for supporting our cause!
Those of you who didn't get a chance to buy the demo, get our fresh and acclaimed EP Project Utopia NOW!
7 EUR (+ shipping depending on your country), order from merch AT

Announcement 27.05.2014
Unfortunately we have decided to part ways with vocalist Sami Haimilahti due to personal issues. He is a close personal friend to all of us, so we are naturally extremely sad we've had to make this decision. We have our hopes up high that we get to work with him under brighter circumstances in the future.

Rest assured, we will not let this drawback slow us down, and we consider this as a chance to improve. We don't have plans to gig in the summer due to contradicting schedules, but we are working hard to get our act together by fall. Additionally we are currently recording material that will be released sooner than you'd think! More on that later...


Project Utopia available for pre-listening in KaaosZine 02.04.2014
Creinium's EP "Project Utopia" will be released on the 16th of April

You can pre-listen to the whole EP
on KaaosZine's website. Go check it out!

Also, "Project Utopia" is still available for pre-ordering.
WORLDWIDE FREE shipping! Order from merch AT

Click here for our interview @ KaaosZine

Some teaser material from the upcoming EP 03.03.2014

Pre-order Project Utopia 19.02.2014
Project Utopia can already be pre-ordered from Record Shop X. The EP will be released on the 16th of April 2014. Get yours from Record Shop X or directly from us for 7 EUR (+ worldwide shipping ONLY 1 EUR). By ordering directly from us, you'll provide financial support for us.
Order from merch AT


Get yourself a neat logo t-shirt + EP -combo to be delivered on the day of the release for ONLY 20 EUR (price includes shipping). You can order that combo from us and only us.
Order from merch AT

Soon... 13.02.2014
The release date for Creinium's EP "Project Utopia" has been confirmed.
The EP will be released on the 16th of April 2014. Stay tuned, teasers and stuff coming soon!

Project Utopia 14.01.2014

The EP will be released via Inverse Records before the summer.
Here's the tracklist for our forthcoming EP "Project Utopia":

1. Societal Collapse
2. Project Utopia
3. New World Order
4. Eschaton
5. Synthetic Paradise

Some of these songs might already be familiar to some of you from our gigs. We hope you're excited about the new material, we sure as hell are!

More info, teasers, music video and all that stuff coming soon. Stay tuned!

More live dates added 27.11.2013
Three awesome shows behind - Thank you PRKL Club, Club Liberte and Bar Zoom!
More live dates added and still more to come! Check out events below.


PRKL Club 8.11.2013 12.09.2013
Today is a good day! We have two announcements to make:

Now that the full band's assembled, we are eager to reveal that Creinium's first show will be played at PRKL Club, Helsinki on 8.11. - that's a Friday so there's no excuse not to be there! We will be opening the night for Vermivore and none other than Noumena! Stay tuned for more info.

As for the second announcement: you can now find Creinium
under the netlabel From the Void! Go check us out!

Great things this way cometh.

KaaosZINE review 23.08.2013
As if the Inferno review wasn't enough for us, Finnish metal media
also gave us a highly favorable review today!


Click the image to read the review

Demo of the Month 23.08.2013
Modern World Tyranny was titled "Demo of the Month"
by Finnish metal magazine Inferno!

Massive thanks to Aadolf for his kind words on the band!

Click the image for the review (in Finnish)

Modern World Tyranny released 14.06.2013
Get yours before they're gone (Limited issue of 200)
5 EUR + shipping costs (depending on your country).
Order by email from merch AT